Retired: Flower of Scotland Collar

Retired: Flower of Scotland Collar

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Proudly handmade in Scotland by Funky Dog Collars Co. Your pup can show their Scottish Pride with their own tartan collar and lead.

Base is webbing: High Quality UK manufactured Polypropylene Webbing as used for horse saddles and tack.

Welded “D” Ring for strength and security
High Quality Contoured Side Release Buckle
High Quality Adjustable Triglide Buckle

Small Size: Adjustable approx 25cm to 36cm (10 to 14 in)
Medium Size: Adjustable approx 33cm to 51cm (14 to 20 in)
Large: Adjustable approx 42cm to 66cm (18 to 26 in)
The Collar is 1 inch wide

Tartan history:
The Black Watch tartan, associated with the British infantry regiment of the same name, has a long and interesting history. Alternatively known as Grant Hunting or Government tartan, Black Watch tartan was worn first by the six “watch” companies that once patrolled the Highlands. General George Wade, with authorisation from George I, formed these six companies in 1725 following the Jacobite rebellion of 1715. The Black Watch, as they would come