Retired: Alice Collar by Ditsy Pet

Retired: Alice Collar by Ditsy Pet

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Possibly the most gorgeous floral of the season, a fusion of delicate lilac petals! Our Emma range is made using genuine Liberty of London fabric and is available with matching items.

Sizing Information

XXS– Our smallest size ever! Adjustable between 8.5″-10.5″ & 13mm wide. Suitable for tiny dogs, toy breeds, small Chihuahua’s & similar sized breeds

XS– Adjustable between 10.5″-14.5″ & 16mm wide – Suitable for larger Chihuahua’s, toy breeds & similar sized dogs (This is a narrower version of our small Dog collar below)

Small – Adjustable between 10.5″-14.5″ & 20mm wide. Suitable for Jack Russell’s, Border Terriers & similar sized breeds

Medium – Adjustable between 12.5″-17.5″ & 20mm wide. Suitable for Pugs, Boston Terriers, Westies & similar sized breeds

Large – Adjustable between 12.5″-17.5″ & 25mm wide. Suitable for Beagles, Springers, Staffies & similar sized breeds

Extra Large – Adjustable between 16.5″-23.5″ & 25mm wide. Suitable for Labradors, Bulldogs & similar sized breeds