Buchanan Tartan Lead: retired

Buchanan Tartan Lead: retired

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Handmade in Scotland, our dog lead is crafted by sewing high-quality ribbon onto webbing.

Base webbing: High quality UK manufactured polypropylene webbing
Steel cast trigger hook with square eye

Webbing is 1 inch (25mm) width.
Length from end of trigger hook to the tip of the lead approx 1 meter

Tartan history:
The Buchanan name is taken from the lands the clan inhabited in Stirlingshire. Originally, the clan was named MacAuslan and the first of the chiefs to style their name as Buchanan was Gillebrid who was seneschal (or a steward of the household) to the Earl of Lennox. (Heritage of Scotland, https://www.heritageofscotland.com/blog/tartan-tuesday-buchanan/ , 2020)